Insurance of civil liability

Insurance of civil liability for law firms are included within the liability insurances related to the activity of counselling, mediation representation. As a result of the exercise of your advice, mediation representation activity, your clients may have been economic losses from other areas by your interpretation of a given law as a result of an error in your advice.

The sooner you get to select a law firm come Alicante so he defends you advise on legal issues before you can feel to be complying with any kind of relevant legislation and insurance do not suffer problems when a legal problem appears in your life.

Last on 11 and 12 February, the round table of the Cuban Television program was devoted precisely to that set of entities and the supposedly autonomous bureaucratic apparatus that includes them and regentea all them since 1984: the ONBC (national organization of collective law firms).

The occasion was conducive for usual driver of the propaganda medium, Randy Alonso, invited to a trio of officials of the aforementioned structure. As we have used in this programme, the present devoted to paint with pink so much that sector of national life as the performance of professionals included in it.

If we believe these three bureaucrats, then we will have to admit the existence of harmonious and constructive relations between prosecutors, on one hand, and defendants and advocates, on the other. We can also see in the jurist’s law firms to a family consultant”, and will accept foot juntillas than a worker, prior to attending a labor lawyer, you should rely on the inoperative official CTC Union efforts.…

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